Customized Treatment Plans

Establishing a dental home with us by your child’s first birthday helps ensure we can create a baseline for care that will help ensure dental health into adulthood.

Every little smile is unique, and every child receives a customized treatment plan, whether it’s preventative care through regular visits or restorative care when warranted. Treatment plans may include recommendations for sealants to protect your child’s teeth from decay or treatment for cavities that have already started to form — but the real care begins with simply getting to know our patients.

When you make Jacobs Pediatric Dentistry the dental home for your family, we are able to track and treat your children’s oral health as they progress from their first baby tooth to their permanent set. Regular care from one provider who specializes in pediatric dentistry helps ensure early diagnosis of problems and also helps kids relax with familiar, friendly faces at check-up time! Dr. Jacobs and our clinic staff cater to every patient’s individual dental needs, but our approach is holistic. Education on making good choices in between visits is a strong focus area also — we take pride in empowering the families who visit us make healthy choices for smiles that last a lifetime.