Trust Building

Whether it's singing to little patients to help them relax or steering mom and dad toward optimal oral health choices, we believe in building relationships one smile at a time.

Our clinic specializes in providing top-notch pediatric dentistry because we know how critical early dental care is for building a strong foundation of lifelong healthy habits. IMG_2358Because preventative care plays such an essential role, Dr. Jacobs and her staff focus not only the treatment plan itself, but also in engaging young patients in the process. Our philosophy is “Tell, Show, Do” — meaning we earn your child’s trust by telling them what’s about to happen during the visit and showing him or her how we’re treating the problem before we do it.

And as a parent, you can always trust Dr. Jacobs to do what is best for your child’s health. In addition to more than 14 years as a pediatric dentist, she is a parent to five children at all ages and stages and will care for your children’s teeth the same way she takes care of her own children’s dental health needs.

Parents are welcome to accompany their children during procedures. To ensure that all visits are positive, we have written guidelines that help explain how we interact with our young patients as well as their parents. The goal for these guidelines is to work with parents to establish mutual trust and to provide exceptional dental care to their children. Please visit our New Patients page to access and download our Parent Contract. If you have questions, please feel free to ask!